About Bellwether


Our Mission:

Bellwether Craftsmen advances the building industry through intelligent design and innovation.  Encouraging a culture of positive cooperation dedicated to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, true sustainability within the built environment.

Our Vision:

We endeavor to provide unique timber frames with revered spirit.  Working closely with clients our custom buildings provide inspiring living spaces that deliver exceptional energy performance.  We specialize in achieving the highest value to cost ratio believing everyone deserves the benefit of healthy sustainable shelter.

What Makes Bellwether Craftsmen Unique

Current design and construction conventions place primary emphasis on operational energy efficiency metrics. While operational energy efficiency is a very important consideration we should absolutely account for, end-user energy conservation alone is not enough.

Encouraging an awareness and accounting of carbon values for all building materials is a key component for clear understanding and informed decisions.

Bellwether offers innovations and alternatives for high performance enclosures with added benefits of low environmental impact, increased durability, and healthy indoor air quality.

Low Impact Insulation:

We encourage the use of sustainable fiber insulations that achieve the highest performance standards as well as carbon storage.

Interior Air Sealing:

A critical component of the any high performance building, we are proficient with the integration and detailing of vapor permeable air-tight systems, achieving passive house standards or better on all of our projects. We favor Pro Clima products and collaborate closely with 475 High Performance Building Supply.

Meet The Team

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